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    How it Works

    1. If you are accepted into the program, you will be given a special coupon code that you will include whenever you're promoting our brand.
    2. If people place an order using that coupon code, you get 10% of their total purchase and they get 10% off their order for using your code.
    3. You get paid via Paypal or Gift Card whenever you reach a certain threshold (min. $20) which is set in your own Ambassador Dashboard. It's that simple!


    1. Free choice of any in-stock t-shirt on acceptance into the program
    2. $25 Gift Card for any images you email to us that we decide to use on our website or e-mail marketing
    3. $10 Gift Card for any images you send us that we use on our social networks
    4. Personalized discount code to give to all friends, family and followers (10% Off)
    5. Commission on each purchase made using your personalized code (10% on every order)
    6. 20% off all your personal purchases on (must be shipped to you)
    7. Occasional free cards will be issued to you based on good performance
    8. Personal ambassador dashboard which allows you to track all of your sales and payouts

    How much money can you make?

    1 $4.17 $125.10
    5 $20.85 $625.50
    10 $41.70 $1,251.00
    25 $104.25 $3,127.50
    If you think you're a good fit for this program,
    please fill out the form below and you will receive an e-mail instantly with more information.

    Apply Now

    Please note, Youngstown Clothing Company has the right to change any of the above terms without prior consent or notice.  We also have the right to remove any ambassadors from our program at any time without notice.